Steve Jobs

RIP Steve Jobs

Thank you for i”everything” and the disruptive innovations that you have brought into our life, changed how we use mobile devices and computers. A very very sad day for geeks, Apple fans and techies. Never knew I can be so sad over the death of someone I don’t even know personally. A pity my kids are too young to really experience the joy of using products sprinkled with his brilliance, even though Cepheus plays with my iPhone, iPad and MacBook Pro on daily basis. I guess I am lucky that I had live some of my life in his time and greatness. My wife is even luckier to work under his great leadership in Apple. I doubt we can easily find someone to fill the void brought by his death. RIP Steve, you will be missed by millions and your legacy, innovations and brilliance will impact the life of many and you will definately be the source of inspiration for many in the future generations to come…


Howto: Photo reflection in water droplet

Received a few queries on how did I took the below picture and hence decided to do a simple howto.

The below are the things you need:


the picture you want to appear in the droplet *best to use 8R and above*


your favorite tap. Mine is the one in the kitchen.


your favorite camera. I was using my Panasonic gf1 with 14-45mm zoom lenses.


I couldn’t afford a dedicated macro lenses hence i use a cheap S$23 bucks Hoya +4 close up filter instead. You can probably achieve better results with a macro lenses.


and finally, setting the props and getting ready for the shot.

  • Turn on the tap so that water are dripping at a reasonable speed.
  • Put the picture behind the tap INVERTED.
  • Turn on the flash on the camera.
  • Focus on the water droplets dripping from the tap. *It easier to focus using manual focus*
  • Set shutter speed to max sync speed. *GF1′s is at 1/160, most entry/mid range DSLRs are at 1/200*
  • Fire away and have fun!


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