Received a few queries on how did I took the below picture and hence decided to do a simple howto.

The below are the things you need:


the picture you want to appear in the droplet *best to use 8R and above*


your favorite tap. Mine is the one in the kitchen.


your favorite camera. I was using my Panasonic gf1 with 14-45mm zoom lenses.


I couldn’t afford a dedicated macro lenses hence i use a cheap S$23 bucks Hoya +4 close up filter instead. You can probably achieve better results with a macro lenses.


and finally, setting the props and getting ready for the shot.

  • Turn on the tap so that water are dripping at a reasonable speed.
  • Put the picture behind the tap INVERTED.
  • Turn on the flash on the camera.
  • Focus on the water droplets dripping from the tap. *It easier to focus using manual focus*
  • Set shutter speed to max sync speed. *GF1′s is at 1/160, most entry/mid range DSLRs are at 1/200*
  • Fire away and have fun!